The best part of collaborating with fellow artists, creatives and designers is witnessing their unique interpretation of home through their distinct textile narrative. Our most recent collaborator needs no introduction—in fact, she’s unquestionably cinematic royalty, and has most likely defined a moment in time for each of us. This movie star’s singular rendition of an interior textile collection couldn’t be more on brand for the icon, and we’re giving you front-row seats.

We all know and love Diane Keaton for her quirky starring roles in iconic films like Annie Hall, Baby Boom, Something's Gotta Give, The Godfather and countless others. She has lived at Hollywood's center for close to four decades as a storyteller, beating to her own drum and captivating audiences one line at a time. That's why our collaboration with her - a first for the Academy and Golden Globe Award-winning actress - was composed in a way that pays tribute to her personal and professional journey.

Woven into each carefully crafted, hyper-textured fabric is a piece of a puzzle that chronicles Diane's artistic expression. Along with S. Harris Chief Brand Office and Creative Director Jodi Finer, the pair dreamed up a sartorial collection of textiles that exemplifies restraint and honors simplicity as the foundation of an interior. With a shared reverence for home, they created a palette that speaks to a state of calm, casting materiality as their lead with strong and luxuriously thick fibers that yearn to be lived in.

Pictured: ( from left to right )  Then Again 03 | Mrs Los Angelas 02 | Annie Wool 03 ... See the full line here:  Elements by Diane Keaton


March 15, 2023 — Sharon Laxon